Viking by Dynamic ink EU REACH 2022


"Farben von bester Qualität mit den erforderlichen Sicherheitszertifikaten und mit einheitlichen Preisen, ohne den Kunden zu
missbrauchen. Bis jetzt gab es noch nie zertifizierte Farben von Dynamic Ink die so lebendige und brillante Farbtöne haben".

welcome Viking-ink as the newest member of the Dynamic family of brands. Dynamic Color and Viking-ink have had a very close business relationship for over a decade and have spent the last 2 years working together on REACH certified products to oer to Europe and beyond. We have worked side by side with the Viking-ink team that for years has overcome the strictest regulations of the tattoo industry established by the Spanish administration
and CTL to formulate a range of colors that not only approves the REACH regulations of the EU, but also, comply with the quality associated with the Dynamic Color brand. We are proud to say that the new range of “Viking by Dynamic” is now available!
Look out for both this range and the full range of Dynamic products at Viking by Dynamic's new headquarters in Valencia, Spain, which will be our
distribution center for the entire European Union.